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There are no coincidences: If you are visiting my site, you are here for a reason. Know that there are many like you seeing guidance in life- whether it be personal, health or career related. Those that are seeking a different mode of healing will be delighted with the reiki healing services I provide whether it be individual healing or a clearing of a home from unwanted negativity. To learn more about the ancient Japanese art of healing, “reiki” I invite you to see my summary on the “what’s what” portion of this site and read the testimonials. Though I am gifted in inspiring and healing others, I too am in a constant state of learning and often use my own masters to recharge especially after a session.

Fusion-4-life originated to encompass all my versatile skills: B.A. in Communications, a coaching certificate to help ask insightful questions, published author of two books on amazon.com (see “Confessions” by penname, ALUR), my free articles on alur.hubpages.com, my writing blog on alurhubpages.com, motivational speaking and my role helping others as a Realtor for 15 years. My ultimate achievement has been the role of being a mother of three amazing daughters: truly a humbling experience.

LIFE has been and continues to be the most valuable learning experience. It seems I have inspired people in versatile ways and the knack for a sixth sense (which we all poseess) has existed before I actually could verbalize it. No matter how hard I seek to conform into the “job” industry, reiki pulls me back to help people.

We are sophisticated evolving humans, yet still fragile and new to this ancient Earth. My inspirational coaching services are here to awaken the answers within you: after all, who knows the secret desires of the heart and mind better than you; the master of his/her own fate?

My approach with reiki is a non hands healing therapy of energy balance. This technique is not “new age”, but rather a rebirth of ancient methods. As I continue to obtain my final designation of REIKI MASTER, I will share my healing with individuals, spaces, land and homes that require a cleansing. I took this gift and have applied it to various aspects of life.

Reiki is fast becoming a form of healing for simple chakra balancing to helping with cancer patients.  I take every blessing from all parts of the world and incorporate it into my client’s lives. This form of energy is starting to blossom as it gains more recognition. Each practitioner works in various ways. I am gifted with visions during a session as well as an accurate assessment of various issues regarding blockages (read the disclosure below). It is my honor to serve you and have you become part of the healing circle of sanctuary I have created.


Always inspired,