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Sessions with Rula were and continue to be everything I asked for! They make me grow in their own unique way! If Rula surprisingly crosses your way and you end up meeting her, then you are meant to.


“I have a nine year old daughter who has suffered from pretty bad anxiety.  A friend suggested a Reiki session with Rula. As a Christian woman, I was worried that it was some other religion, or some practice that would conflict with my daughter’s and my faith -I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Rula was really supportive, included our beliefs in the session. Amazingly, not only is my daughter feeling less anxious, our faith in Christ was reinforced.  With Rula’s help, our strong faith, and prayer, we feel closer to Him! Thank you Rula!”


“I was referred to reiki for my office space. I work in a busy environment and notice I was always tired entering and leaving my office space. I also noticed poor morale of employees on esp busy days. As a male-a linear thinker, this was not immediatly something I accepted, but I was desperate and I immediately saw the mix of practicality as well as mastery in Rula that made me hire her to clear my office space. Whatever she did not only placated the atmosphere, I physically felt better breathing. The next few weeks there was more hustle in the office and a better attitude. None of my employees knew about this: the result is amazing. Now we quarterly clear the office space!”



“As Albert Einstein said, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I met Rula several years ago in a personal setting, not knowing that years later we would run into each other again and instantly remember and notice each other in the very exact place we had initially met each other. I do believe that this was not by “coincidence.” We began to talk and our spirits connected. I was at the right moment to receive her gift of healing. I scheduled a session with her and felt so peaceful and connected to my spirit and soul again. I like that she is also a straightforward person and it’s very easy to connect with her. Those that are unsure or even familiar with her gift, you will not be disappointed with what your spirit will receive, just be open and willing.”


“Having known Rula as a successful realtor and then finding out about her gifts and versatile talents with healing, I allowed her to come into my business after a turbulent year and do her stuff! I was definitely a skeptic but in the weeks to follow, the office seemed to “lighten” and my colleagues were less anxious about our shifts in strategy. Believe it or not most of the people that were less than cooperative, seemed more relaxed in the space. I am considering having Rula come once a quarter just to see what other positive shifts may occur & now I am a client for individual healing!”


“I recently experienced a Reiki session with Reiki Master Rula. I found the opportunity to be enlightening, relaxing, and very insightful. Her ability to see beyond what is present is amazing. I’ve taken what she had given me to heat in my daily routines.”


“I experienced very powerful vibrant imagery all through my dream-like session. Upon awaking, she described to me what came to her during the reiki. Everything she described; the third eye she saw, the sun, people from my past she didn’t know about, were all the very same things I experienced during the reiki session. I almost felt like she could read my mind. The most purposeful part of the reiki to me; was putting the meaning and purpose behind the imagery to help me live a more balanced life in tune with my spirit”


“To experience Rula’s reiki session is to have experienced your soul being encased in love and nurturance.  She is intuitive and compassionate.  When she tapped into an issue that no one had no about except myself I found validation for the authenticity in her work.  Everyone should have a Rula moment!! Thank you Rula for your incredible energy, wisdoms, and caring.”


“The Long distance healing I received with Rula’s guidance has begun a sense of peace in the house. I was hearing odd things and feeling queasy in my own house. I had placed my trust in Rula’s gifts even from a distance and she was able to reach into my house with power and grace and somehow stabilize my home. I cannot explain it but I have been at peace since the session and the house is calm. I know we will have many more sessions to come. Thanks Rula!”


“The only word to describe the experience is healing.  Parts of me that were having trouble became stronger.  I  It was an amazing experience. The way I was thinking and feeling has been definitely been touched, enhanced for the better.  I would say my mind, heart and gut became more aligned.  I feel more solid in my mind and in my gut.  My healing was a distance healing and I definitely felt something in my mind, eyes, brain, stomach, hands and feet. I saw bright white light and dreamed images.”


“Greetings!! It was truly magical!!!! I am such a believer. My mind, heart and gut feel so aligned. The energies in my world started to change from our first phone call and the long distance healing was unbelievable. Truly a magical, spiritual, energizing yet grounding experience.”


“I’m so grateful to Rula. I went to see her on the recommendation of my friend, a client of hers. I was skeptical, though intrigued, as I consider myself to be someone with a scientific mind. Rula completely changed my views as she was able to accomplish something in one session, that the western medical field could not with countless attempts and different methods over years. Since my Reike session, my insomnia and joint pain has completely vanished. I feel more clear headed, relaxed yet focused, and happier than I have in years. Rula also had amazing insight into parts of my life that need improvement. I wish I had known about her years ago. I plan to have Reike sessions with her for future issues that may arise. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Rula truly is wonderful!”


“Rula is a compassionate healer, and highly intuitive. She was able to tune into how I was feeling within my body, even via distance healing. Even though we were not in the same room together, I felt truly cared for. At times I was able to hear things, that we later talked about together. Rula also offered practical suggestions during our conversation following our session, regarding how to better protect myself (and my energy field) in the future. Afterwards I felt like I had a facial, since my skin and energy felt clearer, and my eyes appeared brighter. I believe that Rula would be a great asset in assisting any physical, emotional, or spiritual detox process. Most importantly, she helps to bring healing “ritual” to a modern culture that is sadly lacking in these practices. We need authentic healers, and Rula is one of them.”


‘Thank you, Rula for exposing me to the world of Reiki healing.  Prior to meeting you, I wasn’t aware of all the benefits that you and reiki could bring to me in health and well being.   My first session with you provided an amazing, almost magical, flow of emotions and energies that quite frankly surprised me!  You gently helped promote the cleansing and healing of my emotional and spiritual “stuck.” Your knowledge, awareness, and guidance in your practice is a gift to be shared.”


“Rula, thank you for healing not only me but my five dogs and bringing peace and a new lightness to my home.  I huge heaviness has been removed from my surroundings and it has brought an aura of calm around us and within us.  My dogs are my family and you connected us on a new dimension of positive reinforcement.”


“Color is not easy to choose even in the hair salon business. Everyone has a different opinion on what is suitable. Finally now that the salon is finished, I am happy with the color options Rula chose, the small intricate touches she put with the feng shui has already made things positive and the experience good, although I drove her nuts at times! She is a wonderful person. I recommend her from my heart. Her knowledge and dedication is outstanding. Now customers come to my salon and their firsts are ”wow, I feel so good here.” They smile and they’re truly happy!”


“We were skeptical about what Rula had to offer but after my husband’s pile of bills and the mess in his home office kept mounting, we thought it couldn’t hurt. We were surprised by the energy Rula emitted from our first meeting. Her ability to rearrange things and make us get rid of clutter-rather than procrastinate-made an impact from the first visit. We’re looking forward to more things to come as we tackle this space and reclaim it!”


“When you market your home, it is critical to ensure your potential buyers say ”Wow!” when they first walk in. We have had the privilege of working with Rula. She’s fun and energetic. In an extremely short period of time, she made just the right changes to our own household items to add color, openness, and warmth. With Rula’s help, we certainly obtained that “wow factor!” - Connie and Mike Matzenbacher


Rula has a true gift; she is able to almost magically create a calm, clear space. In that space, being with her is almost like a meditation itself. I recently had my first experience with Reiki through Rula. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt a very real cleansing of my energy, I could feel my circulation improve, and I was surprised by dream-like images or scenes that came into my mind. Afterwards, I felt like I had a clearer mind and a stronger body. I carried around a ‘glow’ that people commented on for many days.


Rula conducted a reike clearing in my empty home in December, after it had been on the market for two months with no offers.  A week later, in the midst of the holiday season, I received two offers on the same day.  My real estate agent was shocked.  I was thrilled!  The house closed one month later.  Thank you, Rula!  - From, Lynne (Great Falls, Virginia)